Napoleon Stormchild (mindytheczech) wrote in avril_latrine,
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Here are some nasty new pictures of that gross couple. I used to think it was cute when two, disgustingly ugly and untalented people found each other. Now I find it sickening. Girls with a mouth like that are only good for one thing anyway, and trust me, it isn't singing or eating.

Yes, Avril. Keep stuffing your face with junk. Make that acne even more apparent.

I always love it when my boyfriend massages my tits on a picnic.

Sorry, Av, I don't think the minstrel can play Goo Goo Dolls on the guitar. You may have to settle for actual music this time.

Now that's an attractive facial expression.

I know what Avril is thinking. "Ugh, when will this shit stop?"

"Shit, they almost caught me blowing the minstrel!"

Eww. Just eww.

Avril still looks disgusted. And disgusting.

So disgusted she has to drink herself through the rest of the date.

"See this, Deryck? It's almost as small as your penis!"
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