Sonja (tonythemafia) wrote in avril_latrine,

feel free to barf after reading this

When Mike Bell of the Calgary Sun suggested to Avril Lavigne that young performers such as Kelly Clarkson, Fefe Dobson and others have taken a page from the Avril playbook and owe a great deal to the anti-Britney movement she kicked off, the 20-year-old responded, "I agree. I think I helped open the doors for younger, female singer-songwriters or just female singers. I think there's been situations where girls have been dressed almost identical to me in their videos and their songs kind of sounded like 'Complicated' and they do their little attitude thing. Well, they're not me and they never will be me and when people do things that try and copy me everybody knows it anyway. It's flattering but ... I don't really care. I'm my own person, I have a pretty strong personality and character and everybody knows what I'm like."
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